Meepo is changing the world through next-generation nutrition technologies impacting billions of world citizens.

I. MealCubes


MealCube recreates the world’s healthiest meals all in the convenience of a few small cube that tastes like candy.

You don’t need Wild Salmon, Avocado, Kale, and Sweet Potatoes, you don’t need Steak & Spinach or Broccoli, Chicken and Rice—you need the specific amino acid profile of those proteins, the carbohydrates, the lipids, the micronutrients and then you need them to digest as your body was designed for them to digest.

This is exactly what MealCubes do; we aim to replicate ‘real food meals’ all in a few cubes to bring more efficient and affordable nutrition wherever it’s needed!

It’s best to look at MealCubes as a ‘shell’ which can be built and customized to any particular customer’s needs.

In India, if X nutrient is chronically lacking and we can fortify MealCubes for those purposes.

Consumers in the US want lower carbohydrates with more protein and healthy fat, that can also be done.

Navy SEALs need another specific blend of macro and micronutrients, this can be customized for them.

The technology isn’t the specific nutrient profile of our first meal, the core technology is that we’re able to pack the highest amount of nutrition and calories in the smallest space, and then make it palatable.

II. Meepo 3-D


Meepo 3-D

Meepo 3-D is a 3D printer enabled with saliva-based sensors that prints you a customized meal based on your body’s exact needs.

It does this by checking your micronutrient levels, hormones, cholesterol, enzyme panel and completing a basic metabolic panel, using your current levels, it prints your meal.

Never before in the history of the world has there been a method whereby you have your levels tested, and then had an instant feedback loop where you were given exactly what you were missing, in the exact quantities you’re missing. 

None of us know the implications of this, but we do know right now we’re all truly “eating blind.” 

I think salmon might be good for me, but what if I really need the nutrients and amino acids from steak or more fiber from this specific green vegetable, whereas another person needs the omega 3’s from salmon!

With Meepo 3-D, these questions can confidently be answered.

Where we’re headed

The most successful businesses have an idea for the future that’s very different from the present; with MealCubes, we have a disruptive and commercially-ready product that individuals from all walks of life are enjoying on a daily basis. With Meepo 3-D, we have a product roadmap that can impact the nutrition industry more than ever before.

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