ProteinCubes try to make your day a bit easier, giving you the protein you need all in little cubes that taste like candy.

6-Pack Swedish Cherry ProteinCubes

$29 PER 6-PACK

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($7-Single Serve)

6-Pack Sour Watermelon ProteinCubes

$29 PER 6-PACK

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($7-Single Serve)


  • Do MealCubes fill you up?

    Yes, with 425 calories, 25 grams of protein, fiber, a ton of micronutrients, complex carbs and fat———plus the protein in MealCubes breaks down similar to a normal intact protein. Meaning MealCubes will digest over 3+ hours versus a mere meal replacement which breaks down over 45 mins to 1 hour*. MealCubes fill you up similar to a regular meal.

  • Is there actual salmon, beef etc in these?

    No, we break down a meal into all of its components (sometimes 75-80+) and then recreate the meal from scratch using it’s basic building blocks. Meepo then uses its  proprietary technology to  process the ingredients so your body can  digest MealCubes similar to a “real food” meal.

  • Are MealCubes safe?

    Yes, MealCubes are safe and a majority of the ingredients in MealCubes can be found in your local grocery store. Meepo made sure to construct MealCubes with real ingredients so your body can digest them similar to a “real-food” meal.*

  • What do MealCubes taste like?

    We wanted MealCubes to taste similar to candy, so we have two delicious flavors of MealCubes: Swedish Cherry and Watermelon. These fruity flavors combined with a slight sugar coating make it feel like you’re having an indulgent little treat!

  • What are ProteinCubes?

    Think of them as a ‘light’ version of our MealCubes. With hydrolyzed collagen as the main source of protein – this pack of “candy” delivers 25 grams of the highest quality protein available to keep your day going when you need it most.