Meepo MealCubes Review

Meepo MealCubes Review

REVIEW – I commuted an hour to work each day before the pandemic. This meant that I had to rush out of the house early in the morning just to sit in a car. In order to get to work on time I started skipping breakfast and instead drinking a meal shake in the car. While it was a good system, I am always looking for other quick, easy to grab, portable breakfasts to add a bit of variety. The Meepo MealCubes piqued my interest as they are preparation free and provide adequate nutrition. These small fruit snack like jelly cubes seemed like a great addition to add to my breakfast options as a meal replacement option for work days.

What is it?

Meepo MealCubes are bite sized fruit snack textured cubes that provide a whole meal of nutrition in an easy to consume form.


These things are cute! They are about half inch cubes in three different colors green, orange and red. They smell great, just like fruit snacks. Each cube has a firm jelly like texture and is dusted in a grainy substance to prevent clumping in the bag. This does get on your fingers but is easy to brush off or even lick off. Each bag is one serving with 420 calories with the nutritional benefit equivalent to 4 oz of salmon, one sweet potato, half an avocado and two cups of kale.

Sadly, I found that these tasted horrible to me. They were sweet at first but as soon as I bit into the cube a spoiled bitter taste coated my whole mouth. I was so taken aback by the taste I had my husband try one as well and he agreed that they did taste off. Perhaps I got a bad batch but as seen in the photo below, the best by date is 7/22 so I know they aren’t past prime. Also, each color cube tasted the same to me as well but I can’t find any documentation specifying if the colors were different flavors or just for appearance.

I wasn’t able to find any nutritional information posted on the website so I had to resort to taking a picture of the back of the bag which came out a little blurry on the edges due to the curve of it.

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